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Team Vision

Jody Fireman, President

Respect for our Profession

I recently was invited as the keynote speaker to speak at what I was told was the ‘crown jewel’ event for this organization. I video myself as often as possible to see and learn where I can improve. As I was setting up my camera, I was talking with the crowd. It was nothing serious, just asking how everyone was.

Someone, a lady, put her finger to her mouth and shushed me. I looked over, and to my complete and total amazement, the CEO was up behind the lectern speaking. There had been no introduction, no official start, just the CEO got up and started speaking.

She then calls me up to speak. Again, no formal introduction; nothing, just get up and speak.

I do my bit, and if you can believe this, I had to introduce the next speaker!! I had met her the day before. She was a tax lawyer. This was how I introduced her. “This is Marie. She’s a tax lawyer.”

My wife spoke at a ‘Woman’s Conference’ last year. The ‘chairperson’ sat at a desk off to the side, shuffling papers as she introduced my wife, and was completely unheard past the second row.

The disregard for ‘speaking protocols’ can be extremely difficult to deal with, if you care as much about presentation as I do.

Professional organizations pay big money for speakers and coaches. They want to make sure they are getting value for their dollars.

That’s why we have put together this Tournament, and all upcoming tournaments; it is a commitment to professionalism, to be the best we can be, at all levels, at all times. It is to provide a venue for organizations who may come looking for effective speakers and coaches; they will know that the speakers’ and coaches’ from Speak Right, Speak Up! Inc. are performers, and not talkers!

I wish you the very best and good luck and great skills.

See you on stage!

Jeanette Fireman, CFO/CIO

Separate the Speakers from the Talkers

I have attended hundreds of seminars and conferences as both a presenter and a participant.  I can describe most of the presentations in three words:

“Death by PowerPoint!”

I presented at the 16th Women and Leadership Conference in Calgary.  Participants paid close to $2,000 for this two day conference.  The day I attended the other presenters just read from a PowerPoint.  Some even presented from behind a table off to the side and were barely visible to their audience.

No one ever says, “Boy, that ‘I Have a Dream’ speech could have been a lot better if Martin Luther King Jr. had used PowerPoint. (

Unfortunately this type of presentation is the norm.

We know there are some really good speakers and coaches out there.  Our vision is to provide a forum for these individuals to prove themselves and show case their talents.  The Speak Right, Speak Up! Inc. Public Speaking Tournaments will separate the speakers and coaches from the talkers.

Event planners will know they are getting the right fit when they check out the speakers and coaches at Speak Right, Speak Up! Inc.