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How to get cited on CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX

In today's competitive economy, you have to find ways to stand out in your field. You need to be recognized as the authourity in your field of expertise. Once you are recognized as the authourity you will get more of the people considering doing business with you to choose you.

Use these logos on your websites, other social media sites, your business cards and all of your other marketing. For order information and pricing click the ‘Order Details’ button.

How can you get recognized as an authourity?

One way to get recognized as an authourity is to get into national publications like CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX. These are the four most recognized major networks. These are the websites you need to be on.

What does this authourity do for you?

The media creates reality. Becoming a cited expert in the major media builds trust. You will now be seen as the expert in your field and the person to go to.

What do we do for you?

We guarantee placement of your quote into all four of the major networks' websites. You then have the ability to use those logos on your websites, other social media sites, your business cards and all of your other marketing.

We do the work to get you quoted into the major media now and you benefit forever. This will be paying off for you for months and years to come.

We even add the logos to your profile picture for you! We do all of the photoshop work for you.


You benefit by becoming a quoted expert...use that quote and authourity in all your marketing.

You use the media logos stating “As seen on…”  Something that your competition doesn’t have...

You’re perceived as a trusted authourity


  • Your LinkedIn & Facebook profiles
  • Your website
  • Your brochures
  • Your advertisements
  • Your business cards
  • Your newsletter
  • Your storefront
  • Anywhere and everywhere


For order information and pricing click the 'Order Details' button below, or


phone: 403-921-4940

This is what you will get

You’ll be included in a press release like this…

As a “top recommended professional” with a quote!

It will look exactly like this on all four major media network websites.

You will have the logos added to your photo

We will photoshop your picture with the 'As Seen On' and the logos just like ours


Are these Citations Real?

Absolutely Yes – The citations appear on the media networks website and are 100% legit.

We’ll provide you with links so you have proof should anyone ever question you.

Media Citation is a Conversion Strategy!!

Let’s be clear – Media citation is a conversion strategy. This is about getting more people to choose you. We are getting you quoted in the major media networks websites and that makes it more likely to get potential clients and customers to choose you. You are not going to get a ton of traffic and exposure from this. We are being very upfront about what to expect. This is a conversion strategy.

What this will also lead to is having the major media no longer seeing you as a risk.  They are now going to be more likely to choose you for interviews and articles and quotes and that’s where you can get MORE real media, which means even MORE exposure!  This is your way to get into the inner circle and have this lead to more media exposure and traffic down the road.

Think about what it’s costing you right now to have some of the people who are looking at you choose not to do business with you.  If just one or two of those people chose you because of this media authourity this month how much would that put into your bottom line. And it’s not just this month. It’s every month for the rest of your life that you will be getting these benefits.