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Speak Right, Speak Up! Inc. is the ONLY public speaking company
accredited by the Better Business Bureau for Southern Alberta and the East Kootenays.

Do or do not!!

There is no try.


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Go-Pro Speakers

Calling all serious speakers and presenters who:

  • value the importance of continual personal improvement;
  • want to be in demand as speakers;
  • want to deliver powerful, memorable TED Talks


To help serious speakers achieve their goals!!

We work with serious speakers who want to do TED Talks.  Speakers who want to deliver presentations that are heard and remembered.

Imagine being able to deliver an 18 minute presentation; no ‘um’s’, no ‘ah’s’, no catch phrases, and no notes, and at the end of that presentation, having the audience rise to their feet clapping their hands enthusiastically saying, “Well done! You nailed it! Bravo!”

That’s what we do!

Is this you?

Our clients whether from business, university, NHL, CFL all have one thing in common - they all want to be their very best, and are always looking to improve.

If you are one of these people, or think you are, give us a call, and we’ll sit down over a coffee and discuss it. If we can help, we take it to the next step. If not, we always treat to the coffee.

Program Format

This program is unique because it is designed specifically for you. The entire program is all about you. What this means is, we have all the tools you should require to accomplish your goals. There is no fixed course of action. We focus exclusively on where you are, where you want to go, and what you require to get there. Your path will be different from any other client we have had, just as their journey was exclusive to them. You are about to become the person you have always wanted to be.

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