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How to get featured in the major media When you need to know how to do something ask the experts. To learn how to get featured in the media, I reviewed the blogs of journalists and media relations pros. They unanimously agree that the first step is to clearly define: who’s in your target audience; who they follow, what they read, watch and listen to; which journalists report where your target audience hangs out; develop a clear key message you know will resonate with your target audience Once you have done the above you are ready to start reaching out to the media. (For more details on…

Why you need to be featured in the major media to grow your business

As fellow Business Owners and Entrepreneurs in Calgary I would like to share with you my findings on how to get media coverage for your business. Perception is reality. All of our decisions are based on how we perceive things. The media creates reality. When information is published in a source that we trust our perception is that the information is authentic. Many business owners and entrepreneurs understand the increased credibility and visibility that comes from media attention. People prefer to do business with a reliable source. Some of the benefits of getting featured in major media publications are:…

What we are looking for in your one minute video

This one minute video is your business card.  All we are looking to see is that you know how to present.  You can speak on anything you like, however it must be appropriate for all audiences.  That means absolutely – no swearing, no profanity, no racist remarks, no pornography; in short it shouldn’t contain anything you wouldn’t want to show your mother or young children. Make sure the background is generic. No personal pictures, no animals, no children.  You must be by yourself in the video. Make sure there is no-one else in the video with you. No editing. Dress…

As seen on Global TV, March 18, 2017

 Jody Fireman, President, Speak Right, Speak Up! Inc.©™ was interviewed by Kris Laudien on Global News Weekend. Jody explains that this Tournament is open to the public.  It’s for speakers who have a message and want to share that message. It’s for speaking coaches who know how to train and motivate and see their mentees excel. It’s for the competitor who is looking for a challenge. You will be seen by thousands of people! This could be your stepping stone to the professional arena. Everyone who requests Tournament information is automatically entered into a draw for one of 10…